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Gryphon Diploma Program

The goal for the Gryphon Diploma program is to provide clear benchmarks for character and leadership development. The Diploma recognizes student demonstration of the qualities of Excellence, Respect, Perseverance, Integrity, Fairness and Responsibility. Orange, Blue, and Gold awards may be earned by those who demonstrate the following qualities consistently:

The Process: Students who wish to pursue the Gryphon Diploma should enroll in the school Duke of Edinburgh group, and indicate their intentions to the faculty sponsor. At this point, each student can begin to compile the components for their Gryphon Diploma portfolio. Upon completion, the portfolio should be submitted to the faculty sponsor (no later the May 30 of each academic year).

Completed portfolios will be reviewed by the Gryphon Diploma Committee during early June, and awards will be handed out at the school closing ceremonies.

Please note: in addition to fulfilling the requirements for each level, applicants must reflect the spirit of the Gryphon Diploma. Final approvals will be determined by the Gryphon Diploma Committee.

To earn orange, blue or gold awards, students must submit a portfolio indicating successful completion of the required benchmarks by May 30 of each year.

Award details are listed below:

Gryphon Diploma