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High 9-12 / Creative Arts, Applied Skills & Technology / Music

Grade 6 - 12 Music Program

The school has established a strong reputation in the performing arts. A love of music is encouraged. 

In Grades 6 - 8, students participate in mandatory music classes twice per week, taught by experienced teachers who are also professional musicians. Students have the choice of guitar, percussion and strings and there are two levels (beginner and experienced) for each instrument.

From Grade 9-12, students can choose to continue their musical instruction by selecting music options as part of their elective courses. 

Presentation And Performances

All students will have the chance to perform in a number of drama and music concerts both on-site and at local theatre venues around Kelowna. Rehearsal, show and ticket information will be sent through the Aberdeen Courier emails throughout the year.

Music Courses Offered

Guitar: Students will learn to play six string or bass guitar. Emphasis will be placed on correct technique such as finger placement, picking and strumming, and good posture while holding the instrument. Musical literacy will be developed by learning to read two forms of notation.  Each student will be expected to participate in two concerts over the course of the year.

  • Grade 6 Strings, Guitar, Percussion
  • Grade 7 Strings, Guitar, Percussion
  • Grade 8 Strings, Guitar, Percussion
  • Grade 9 students earn credits for Music 9
  • Grade 10 students earn credits for Guitar 10 (MGR10)
  • Senior Guitar
  • Grade 11 students earn credits for Instrumental Music 11 (IMG11)
  • Grade 12 students earn credits for Instrumental Music 12 (IMG12)


Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of percussion through a variety of drumming techniques and styles.

  • Percussion 7/8 Level 1 & 2


Students’ knowledge of the strings from the Junior School Programme will be extended to include modern playing styles and performance techniques.

  • Strings 6/7/8 Level 1 & 2
  • Grade 9 students earn credits for Music 9
  • Grade 10 students earn credits for Orchestral Strings (MOS10)

Commercial Music/Music Composition & Technology:

This course is aimed at teaching students the steps and approaches to writing and performing original music. Students will learn to compose their own music using digital recording tools. Students in Grade 10 are eligible to take MCT11.

  • Grade 9 students earn credits for Commercial Music 9
  • Music Composition & Technology 11 (MCT11)
  • *Music Composition & Technology 12 (MCT12)
  • *MCT11  or IMG11 are prerequisites for MCT12