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Grade 9 Program

There are 50 class sessions in a typical two week cycle. All full-time students are enrolled in ten courses. Each day is divided into five 65 minute classes. In Grade 9, students have three elective classes that consist of music, artistic and technology options.

Grade 9 students all have an assigned homeroom advisor. Advisory times take place every morning, afternoon, and during Block 2 each Monday.

In addition, students in Grade 8 take part in our Wednesday Choice clubs. These activities take place from 2-3 every Wednesday afternoon. Students may select from a variety of activities ranging from sports and outdoor games to film study and artistic pursuits. Wednesday Choice clubs generally change every 5 weeks.

Students in Grade 9 also attend a Mastery Class. In this class students produce an inquiry project in an area of personal interest. These projects are presented in Term 3. The Mastery Class is intended to help students develop their problem solving, personal resiliency and time management skills. This course will fulfill the Applied Design Skills and Technology component of the new Grade 9 curriculum.

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