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Individualized Programming

At Aberdeen Hall, individualized programming allows every student to achieve their personal potential. In daily academic life, Senior School students enjoy interest-based lessons and activities delivered by specialized instructors. By maintaining a low student-to-teacher ratio, our faculty is supported in tailoring instruction and providing the individual attention required to meet the needs of each and every student. Enrichment is built into our curriculum which ensures capable students are challenged and engaged in their courses.

To complement our rigorous academics, Aberdeen Hall supports our students with various additional programs. Our Resource Department works to provide learning assistance to students who require it. This includes one-on-one tutorials, dual teachers in classes, individualized timetabling, and meetings with appropriate consultants.

Additionally, the Flex Program is available to students involved in high level athletics or arts pursuits. Students in this program will have adjusted timetables and course loads according to their individual needs, and will have the Flex Program Coordinator to oversee their progress.

Students interested in enrolling in either of these programs should consult with the Director of Senior School, Grant Ozechowsky.

Study Hall

Study Hall runs Monday to Thursday from 3:30 - 4:15pm. Study Hall provides a place and time for students to study, complete homework independently, to receive assistance with assigned work and support for academic classes. Students may also receive assistance in time management and maintaining effective organization systems. Attendance at Study Hall may be student or teacher initiated. Teachers may require attendance at Study Hall if a student has incomplete assignments.

Edge Program

The Edge Program is designed to ensure that all students at Aberdeen Hall meet with success within our university preparatory school environment. The Edge Program provides additional academic support to students with learning differences who are meeting or exceeding BC grade level expectations and behave in a manner that contributes to the school community, as outlined in our Admissions Policy. Admission to the Edge Program is limited in each division, particularly in the Middle and Senior Schools. This program is not intended to support students whose learning differences are behavioural in nature. Please note the Edge Program fees are in addition to regular school fees. 

For more information on the Edge Program at Aberdeen Hall, please email our Director of Admissions, Christina Ullyot. Please note the Edge Program is presently at capacity.